N.2 Anno I | May 2006

The 'Other' Renaissance of Bernardino di Mariotto

San Severino 25/3 - 31/8/2006


Gentile da Fabriano and the Other Renaissance

Fabriano 21/4 - 23/7/2006


“The Eagle and the Lion”. The Artistic Relationship Between Venice and le Marche.

Fermo 24/3 - 17/9/2006


Le Marche in the sign of the Renaissance

Three wonderful exhibitions this spring on three different locations in Le Marche: at Fabriano, Fermo and San Severino. These cities were during the Renaissance lively artistic centres, today the Medieval convents and Renaissance Palazzi offer suggestive exhibition spaces and an atmosphere that makes you feel like making a step back in time.

The exhibitions illustrate, next to reconstruction of what Renaissance art Le Marche has to offer, also the artistic relationship between Le Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

Discover the fascinating history of Le Marches most distinguished artists during the Viaggio in Italia in May 2006. During the trip you visit in a small company the exhibitions, accompanied by Phaedra, your host from Caravanserraglio and arthistorian. The trip is a mixture between activities, such as excursions and Italian cooking lessons with Ennio, and relaxation, like time at ‘leisure’ at our beautiful Caravanserraglio country house with swimming pool and excellent Italian meals. Read more about the detailed itinerary following this link: Viaggio in Italia in May 2006

For more info about the exhibitions: click here

Join a thematic cooking coursewith chef Ennio at the restaurant of our Caravanserraglio agriturismo. The courses are for everybody with a passion for cooking and good food.

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Holiday 'In the Name of the Rose'

Monasteries in Le Marche 17-24 June 2006

from: Italie Magazine, volume 16 nr.2.

During a trip in Italy you've probably once catched your eyes on the early Medieval monasteries, in the mountains, or on top of a hill. How was life then and what about traditions? Was it similar to the movie after Umberto Eco's 'In the Name of the Rose ? Terra D'Arte gives the answers, they arrange cultural holidays in Central Italy. The theme of one of the courses discusses monasteries in Le Marche. During the course you visit three monasteries: The Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra surrounded by woods and Roman remains, the Augustinian monastery of S.Nicola in the heart of the Medieval city Tolentino and the monastery of Macereto in the National Park of the Sibilini Mountains.

The friars were important patrons of art throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and their wishes and religious ideas influenced the local arts in a striking way. Monasteries and art are conserved well, giving you the chance to immagine from nearby the life of the friars.

The course 'Monasteries in Le Marche', is inclusive 1 week accommodation at the Caravanserraglio agriturismo in Le Marche, 2 excursions, 1 cooking course, 2 dinners and 1 brunch, from 460,00 euros per week. Click here for the detailed itinerary

The Augustinian monastery of S.Nicolas in the Medieval City of Tolentino

Our courses in 2006

13/05 - 20/05
Viaggio in Italia : Art and Cooking Holiday 
17/06 - 24/06
Art holiday 
21/10 - 28/10
Cooking holiday
Special offer ! Reservations for 6 persons get a 10 % discount on the total price (offer valid until 15/06/2006)
A Simpel and fast spring recipe from Ennio

Tortino di ricotta


Ingredients for 1 tortino

1 roll of puff pastry

10,5 oz / 300 gram fresh ricotta

10,5 oz / 300 gram spinach

1 oz / 25 gram raisins

2 oz /50 gram pine kernels

2 eggs



heat the oven on 180 °C / 350 °F / 4 gas mark



To keep this recipe simpel you can use a roll of puff pastry. Thaw the pastry a little bit and spread it out over a piece of oven paper. Mix the ingredients in a bowl: the ricotta together with the previously cooked and drained spinach, the egg-yolk of the two eggs, the pine kernels, the raisins, salt and nutmeg (photo 1 & 2). After you’ve mixed these ingredients, add the shaked white of the egg at the end. Place the mixture at one part of the pastry (photo 3) in a way that you can close it after that (photo 4). Coat the tortino with a little bit of egg, and place it in the oven for about 30 minutes. You can make variations using other vegetables. The tortino is delicious as a part of the antipasto, or as a main course accompanied by a fresh salad for a light lunch.


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