Ennio Barbieri with Gary Rhodes in UK tv series. You can Join a Cooking Course as well

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Cooking courses with chef Ennio Barbieri featuring in the BBC tv series with Gary Rhodes Marche Italy
Ennio Barbieri and Gary Rhodes in UK tv series
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Ennio Barbieri with Celebrity Gary Rhodes on UK tv
You can join Ennio in a cooking course as well!

Ennio Barbieri with Gary Rhodes in UK tv series.
Ennio Barbieri with chef Gary Rhodes

Celebrity Gary Rhodes has choosen for his program 'Rhodes across Italy' Ennio Barbieri as his mentor for the Marche Region. The new tv series will be on the air from January 2010

Marche, Italië
An expert on Italian cuisine, Ennio Barbieri has been invited by Gary Rhodes to show him some wonderful Marche recipes
Marche, Italië
As a fantastic team they prepaired several dishes at the Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi at Castel di Lama (Ascoli Piceno)
Marche, Italië
The UK tv shoots show the making of the different recipes from the beginning to the end
Marche, Italië
Using all fresh Italian ingredients and the chefs culinary secrets
Marche, Italië
You can join chef Ennio Barbieri in a cooking course as well!!!
Marche, Italië
Learning the real Italian kitchen in hands-on cooking lessons
Marche, Italië
Having loads of fun....
Marche, Italië
and an unforgettable experience!

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