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Guest book and testimonial, here an old version from the past seasons

cooking in Italy.

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'Here are some pictures of the food and some of your incredible cooking ;-) greetzz Nico '

Since I home I'v made several Italian dishes, and guess what.. my husband likes them all so far. So it was a good investment J. A lot of my friends are very enthusiast about the course. So maybe we organize it with a group of the Dutch.

cooking in Italy.

"A truly inspiring, relaxing and uplifting experience"
There are roughly two ways in which one can judge a place. First, there's the 'hard-edged' criteria: are the houses and rooms clean and well equipped? How big is the pool? is it well maintained? Is the place easy to reach, how nearby can one find shops, supermarkets and other facilities, is it close to places of touristic interest?
Those who are mainly interested in these objective criteria can feel reassured: we have always found the different houses and appartments at Caravanserraglio to be impeccably clean, tastefully decorated in a bohemian-Italian way and have never missed any equipment; everything one reasonably needs is there, and the linen is crispy-clean.
The pool is beautiful, big enough even when all houses and apartments are filled and, like almost all of the terrain, it offers a stunning and constantly changing view of the Sibellini mountains.
Although the village of Serrapetrona is close by and could be reached walking, for most facilities one needs to get in the car for the 8 kilometre drive to Tolentino, one of these charming small Italian towns that offers everything from small shops to big supermarkets and from c offeebars in bustling squares to medieval churches (and almost without a tourist in sight).
But by focussing on the objective criteria, one would miss what makes Caravanserraglio unique.
One would miss the quietness of the place, the air filled only with the smell of herbs and the noise of crickets.
One would miss the countless intricate details of the houses and apartments.
One would miss the character of the terrain, a beautiful mixture of roughness and sophistication.
One would miss the 1959 Vespa, that, given enough loving attention, still fires up to give children their first riding lessons.
Or the horse, almost as old as the Vespa, that patiently lets children ride on its back.
Or the dog, almost as old as the horse, that quietly accompanies you when you stroll over the terrain.
But most importantly, one would miss the person who lends Caravanserraglio all these unique qualities,
with his culinary, handicraft and artistic talents, and with the warmth of his personality.
It is Ennio Barbieri who makes Caravanserraglio so much more than your average Agriturismo.
A truly inspiring, relaxing and uplifting experience.

landscape from caravanserraglio



"Great place"
Caravanserraglio is an agriturismo like it should be. The friendly owner makes you feel at home immediately and the place is absolutely splendid. You're on the top of a hill in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Food, wines, small towns and scenaries are incredible. I'll come back there when I'm in Italy.

Italian Cooking School, Marche Umbria Tuscany Italy

"Il paradiso può attendere! (Finchè c'è Caravanserraglio)"
Al caravanserraglio non cucinano tutti i giorni, ma quando Ennio prepara è una grande festa. Abbiamo mangiato tutti insieme tra vino risate e tuffi di notte in piscina! Grazie, come se fosse stato un viaggio lontanissimo dal mondo, in questo posto sospeso...

Italian Cooking School, Marche.