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Saint Francis of Assisi.

Assisi is the city of Saint Francis, the Saint protector of all living things. Phaedra de Zeeuw M.A. wants to bring you to this beautiful city of Peace. A visit to Assisi brings you along the world famous fresco’s about Francis’ life in the basilica that was built and decorated by many painters from Pisa, Siena and Rome. Today the basilica is completely covered by fresco’s....a fantastic experience in one of Italies most important Gothic Monuments.

Phaedra steps with you in a “new” art-era with the most amazing painters like Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti-brothers to name just some.Wandering about the streets of Assisi makes you feel like a real pilgrim....a pilgrim of art.

During a second excursion in Le Marche we visit one of the earliest convents that Francis founded in Le Marche, in the small town of Serrapetrona, near the Caravanserraglio agriturismo.


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