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Monasteries in Le Marche

Live and traditions of the medieval monasteries in Central Italy is the theme during the excursions. The friars were important patrons of art throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and their wishes and religious ideas influenced the local arts in a striking way.

On many idyllic locations - in green natural parks, in the mountains, on top of the hills far away from civilization, but also in the historical centre’s of villages and cities - early Medieval monasteries, abbeys, churches and chapels have survived, and witness today of the social function of these old religious centre’s.

We visit three monasteries in Le Marche: The Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra surrounded by woods and Roman remains, the Augustinian monastery of S.Nicola in the heart of the Medieval city Tolentino and the monastery of Macereto in the National Park of the Sibilini Mountains.


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