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La venere di Urbino, Uffizi, Florence
The Renaissance in Le Marche.    

The Renaissance in Le Marche has it's own characteristics, very similar to Tuscany en Umbria, the neighbouring regions we are more familiar with.

During the excursions we visit Le Marche's most important Renaissance cities: Urbino and Camerino.

The Renaissance Court of Urbino was frequented by scholars, artists and architects who made Urbino grow out to an important centre for architecture, painting, sculpture and 15th Century humanism, comparable with the Medici Court at Florence at that time. There we visit the Palazzo Ducale with it's large collection of Renaissance Art, and the native home of the famous painter Raphael.

The task of the artist from Camerino was the invention of light and perspective in painting. They could count on the many commissions of the duchy Da Varano of Camerino. We visit the Municipal Museum with 15th Century painting and sculpture and make a guided walk through this beautiful small town.

Palazzo Ducale, Urbino
University of Camerino

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