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    Antipasti, erbe e pesce.  

Antipasti: the origin lies in the Latin name ante pastum, and can be interpret as an appetizer. The romans as a matter a fact had the habit to start their banquets with these light snacks, especially invented to stimulate the appetite.

Today these recipe’s are suitable for brunches, afternoon snacks and small receptions. You will be suprised to see the many varieties possible knowing some basic rules, the ingredients and the fantasy to interpret them.

You learn about the use of aromatic herbs and spices and the preparation of vegetables. The products used come from our and other organic farms and are chosen with the greatest care.
This hands-on cookery course introduces you to the preparation of Italian fish dishes. You learn the art to compose a menu depending on the fresh fish available at that day, and to use the ingredients in a simple way in order to maintain the characteric tastes in a typical Italian interpretation.


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