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Urbino and Camerino  

During the excursions we visit Le Marche's most important Renaissance cities, Urbino and Camerino.

The Renaissance Court of Urbino was frequented by scholars, artists and architects who made Urbino grow out to an important centre for architecture, painting, sculpture and 15th Century humanism, comparable with the Medici Court at Florence at that time. At urbino we visit the Palazzo Ducale with it's large collection of Renaissance Art, and the native home of Raphael.

The artist from Camerino are famous for the discovery of light and perspective in painting, stimulated by the many commissions of the duchy Da Varano of Camerino. We visit the Municipal Museum with 15th Century painting and sculpture and we make a guided walk through the town.

Assisi is the city of Saint Francis, the Saint protector of all living things. A visit to Assisi brings you along the world famous fresco’s about Francis’ life in the basilica that was built and decorated by many painters from Pisa, Siena and Rome. Today the basilica is completely covered by fresco’s....a fantastic experience in one of Italies most important Gothic Monuments, with fresco's of the most amazing painters like Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti-brothers to name just some. Wandering about the streets of Assisi makes you feel like a real pilgrim....a pilgrim of art.
The excursions bring you to the holy city of Loreto, where the small native house from Maria is kept within the Basilica. The Venetian artist Lorenzo Lotto, contemporary of Michelangelo, painted for the monastery of Loreto his last masterpieces, that are exposed in the Papal Palace. Next to that we go to the treasure-chamber of the Basilica, that has a wonderful ceiling with fresco's of Pomarancio, one of Le Marche's major Baroque artists.
Perugia is a lively university-city with a magnificent historical centre. The elegant capital of the province in Umbria had a turbulent past, of which an etruscan arch and spring, the dark galleries underneath the city and the characteristic buildings in different architectural styles are still witness. A walk through this exiting city brings you to the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria situated in the monumental Palazzo dei Priori. It has a wonderful collection of Perugino's masterworks, the most famous painter of Perugia.
A walk through Florence awakens in everybody a discovery of beauty, elegance and monumentality. The Bargello, the Uffizi, the Duomo and the Baptisterium, we visit in a specific and prepared way this magical city..

This unique Medieval city is the ideal place to imagine yourself in a far past. It has a breathtaking square, a splendid Cathedral and an intimate atmosphere.

Siena was one of the major centres of painting in terms of both quantity and quality during the Middle Ages. From the end of the thirteenth century the development of the altarpiece in Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche was dominated for several decades by artists from Siena: Cimabue, Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti and Duccio.


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